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Hear 'America the Beautiful' in Arabic: Coke's multilingual Super Bowl commercial stirs controversy

Who doesn't like a feel-good Coke commercial? Pop-drinking polar bears and peoplesinging on a hilltop are some of the most iconic ads to hit TV.
But Coca-Cola's latest Super Bowl entry, featuring "America the Beautiful" sung in multiple languages, is going down as one of the most polarizing ads in game history.
Coke said the point of the 60-second commercial was to celebrate the country's diversity and showed people of different races and creeds hanging out with friends and family, as the song is delivered first in English, then in other tongues, including Spanish, Hindi and Tagalog. 
The company has since posted on YouTube versions of the song performed in its entirety in languages including Senegalese-French, Mandarin, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew and Keres, a dialect spoken by the Keres Pueblo people in New Mexico.
Versions of the song performed in other languages are also on Spotify, as well as the multilingual version. You have to search under the "Coca-Cola Singers" or "Coca-Cola Chorus."
Coke's "It's Beautiful" campaign first angered Super Bowl viewers Sunday night when they heard the patriotic anthem delivered in something other than English.

Backlash to the critics was just as swift, with immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas writing that “I am RT'ing these Coke tweets b/c we must face what we must help change.”
Have you seen the ad? It was made by the Portland-based ad firm Wieden + Kennedy, who are notoriously good at getting buzz going. They're the masterminds behind the decidedly less-reverential Old Spice “Mom” commercials.
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